Leadership Development

Leadership Development



In our social-economical era everything changes rapidly. Globalization, new technologies, science, demographics, etc, pushes companies to be highly agile and robust in order to survive and stay ahead in their marketplace. One might state that keeping strategies up to date and accurate is the major challenge to ensure sustainability and shareholders value. 

Agility and robustness demands a dynamic approach on 3 key area’s: 

ü  Competency management the framework & tool to align the strategy, brand promise and corporate values with the required professional conduct of the individual employee

ü  Talent management identifies the potential of the individual based on their drives, aptitudes, motivation, and preferences. Core drives are significant indicators for talent based behavior and considered to be the building blocks for performance and development. It enables you to anticipate on future required professional contribution.

ü  Performance management aligns the individual & team capacity with value based professional behavior and performance. It clarifies the framework of collaborations, engagement and development to establish performance.

And most significant; all has to be interlinked with leadership!

Business Case

Defining the talents and developing competency profiles will lead to accurate development plan for the leaders. Top level management of the organization will be given a clear insight of actual preferred behaviors of the leaders.


Solution steps


1-     Client Meeting and Data Collection


ü  Meeting with the stakeholders and collecting data.

ü  Checking OC (organization chart) and job positions.

ü  Collecting required data (such as employee details, job families, job functions etc).

ü  Determining the representative from the client side.


ü  Knowing the right direction.

ü  Making a good plan for the project.

ü  Determining the target leaders.

ü  Building the teamwork ( customer team – our team ).

ü  Availability of valid data to be used for analysis.


2-     Competency profiles

ü  Creating related competency profile

ü  Performing Competency Set Analysis with stakeholders

ü  In case the client doesn't have its own competency library then suggesting our library of competencies after analyzing the data.

ü  Discussion meeting with client to fine tune the profiles after CSA

ü  Finalizing competency profiles within ideal score .


ü  Up to date competence profiles ready for matching the individual behaviour

ü  Agreeable competency profiles by all stakeholders


3-     Analysis & feedback

ü  Generating data for TMA Analysis 312 or 170

ü  Send invitations to selected Leaders

ü  Monitoring the analysis

ü  Generating reports

ü  Reviewing reports and preparing for interviews

ü  Conducting Interview

ü  360 feedback


ü  Leader talents are analysed

ü  Ensuring reports (natural Behaviour )

ü  Ready for matching


4-     Matching

ü  Analyse 360 feedback

ü  Studying the competency match report within the selected competency with the talents.

ü  Checking the potential development for competency.

ü  Generate Performance Matrix for each Leader.


ü  Knowing the gaps.

ü  Determining the developable competency based on Performance matrix

ü  Determine the preferred learning style for each Leader.


5-     Development determination

ü  Preparing a personal development plan for each Leader deriving from the coaching and development suggestion in Performance Matrix

ü  Determining trainng & development activities .

ü  Building a Personal Development Plan


ü  Development plan for leaders is finalised & presented


6-     Measuring the Result of development

ü  After 4 to 6 months from the ending of developing plans, conducting 360 Feedback.

ü  Analysis on the selected competency for the Leaders

ü  Meeting with HR determine the progress & follow up training.


ü  After 4 to 6 months from the ending of developing plans, conducting second 360 on the selected competency for the leaders.

ü  Meeting with HR determine the progress & follow up training.


ü  TMA Talent Amalysis

ü  360 degree feedback

ü  Competency Set Analysis





ü  Candidate Report                                                        Download From Here

ü  Performance Report                                                   Download From Here

ü  Competency Match & Interview guide                      Download From Here

ü  360 Degree Candidate Report                                    Download From Here

ü  Job & Activities Interest Report                                Download From Here

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