Job & Activities Interest

Job & Activities Interest

The Job and Activities Interest Assessment shows the preferences of candidates for certain professional sectors and activities. It is intended for adults and adolescents on higher level. The answers given by the candidate to the statements measure the preference for certain sectors and activities.


The report gives the candidate a better self-understanding and input for personal development. The report provides insight into the interest in professional sectors and activities. These are intended for the candidate to gain ideas and are not intended to be exhaustive. 


The Job Interest Assessment indicates in which sectors and activities someone is interested and has a preference. The assessment has been built from both the matching approach in which the interest in certain professional sectors is measured as the interactional approach whereby interest for certain activities plays a larger role. The given suggestions are not intended to be exhaustive but are here to inspire the candidate to start looking for more relevant professions.


Interest in 16 sectors


ü  Agriculture & Biotech 

ü  Construction & Real estate

ü  IT

ü  Logistics 

ü  Healthcare & Medical 

ü  Education

ü  Social care

ü  Technology 

ü  Editorial & Media & Broadcasting

ü  Administrative, Banking & Finance 

ü  Legal 

ü  Art & Culture

ü  Public & Government

ü  Sports 

ü  Security

ü  Business services 

Interest in 11 activities

ü  Informing & Educating

ü  Researching

ü  Developing 

ü  Organizing

ü  Designing 

ü  Executing manually 

ü  Advising 

ü  Controlling  & Monitoring

ü  Trading

ü  Managing 

ü  Caring & Guiding