Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection



TMA gives insight into the competencies, cognitive capabilities, personality and talents of your candidate. In other words, if you want know to what extent the candidate is a match for your position and where there are possible risk factors.

Business Case

Defining the Talent and Competency Profiles lead to selection of candidates. Hiring Managers/Department Heads will have detailed competency library for required job function and the preferred behavior of the potential candidates. The TMA provider will be able to assess the natural behavior of the candidates and match them with the required behavior (competencies) of the institute. Also TMA Consultant provider will be able to advise the gap for future development of employees.


Our Solution Steps


1- Compile Profile:

ü  Al Mayadin offers an unprecedented on-line tool to involve all stakeholders in the process of compiling a appealing profile. Each respondent can share their perspectives on the preselected competence and behavioral examples. Their input in terms of importance (ranking) and selecting the behavioral examples ensures the success of the performance level. It provides crystal clear directions and meaning of the job expectations, both for the applicant, the recruiter and (front line) manager. Al Mayadin offers a set of 53 competencies in case there is no own model available. (

2- Posting & ATS: 

ü  Most likely customers have their own channels for posting and an Applicant tracking system to handle all applications. Al-Mayadin can provide a pre-employment assessment questionnaire. This will help determine which applicants are best fit for the job and create a manageable pool of shortlisted candidates.


3- Unveil talents:

ü  This involves an online Talent Motivation Assessment (TMA312) a psychometric questionnaire where the applicant has to select in total 312 times their preference between 2 and 3 statements related to 22 drives. The outcome will unveil their talents, their preferable communication style, learning and development style and managerial style.

4- Cognitive Capacity Analysis: 

ü  The applicant will conduct relevant analysis out of a selection of 6 different areas; logical numerical insight, logical language, logical figurative insight, technical insight, controlling and numerical insight. The level of analysis are related to the role and job profile

ü  The assessment involves a validation interview conducted by a certified assessor.

5- Assess competency level:

ü  The competency level will be indicated from 3 (4) different perspectives:

1.     Their potential derived from his talents,

2.     self assessment based competency, 

3.     A competency based interview based on the role and job profile,

4.     Optional; a simulation exercise.

          6- Match

ü  The talent and competency match report reveals not only to what extent the individual candidate meets the requirements for the job, but also the differentiators between candidates. The customer is also provided with a framework, including the requirements for the optimal work setting and set of ‘questions’ to have the final dialogue.

7- Onboarding

ü  The ‘manager’ of the selected candidate will be offered the so called performance matrix that provides clear guidance in how to ‘manage’ the candidate in the most effective and efficient way; where to control risks, where to avoid pitfalls, where to invest and where to utilize.

ü  After 1-2 months the candidate and manager are invited to conduct a 900 performance review, based on the competency profile. The outcomes will provide insights on the actual professional conduct and contribution.


ü TMA Talent Analysis

ü Cognitive Capability Analysis





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