TMA Team Assessment

TMA Team Assessment

The TMA team assessment combines a maximum of ten TMA profiles of employees
 forming one team.
The team assessment can be applied when new teams are to be formed
 or to review possibilities and solve (potential) problems within existing teams.

The TMA team assessment collects the profiles of the team members and generates a comprehensive report providing a direct overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Additionally, team roles are clarified. The analysis results indicate the role of the leader and other members of the team, which leads to an improved balance, and better performance of the team.


The TMA team assessment measures four aspects: 

  • Team balance: it provides an overview of each member’s score in all areas
  • Strengths and weaknesses: with a focus on behavioral features that are more strongly and less well represented within the team
  • Leadership preferences; which team members wish to take responsibility and support others

  • The TMA team assessment provides a clear overview of a team’s condition and its reasons for concern. It can be implemented both with existing and occasional teams.